Adjective Flashcard

You will be given an adjective in the nominative form and asked to provide a declined form, with a prepositional cue and noun for context. The noun that is paired with the adjective will not necessarily make sense, it is just there for context. You can type your answer in the blank, and click the CHECK ANSWER button to verify, or the SHOW ANSWER button below to display the answer. Click the NEXT WORD button to get a new word. The text box also supports keyboard shortcuts - after typing your answer, hit ENTER to check it. CTRL-ENTER will show the answer, and SHIFT-ENTER will get a new word.
The Options buttons at the botton of the table allow you to customize the flashcard to show specific cases, number, and genders. Choose between the beginner database (a subset of about 1,000 words with definitions) or the expanded database (a much larger subset of the DMII database with about 185,000 nouns, 7,400 verbs, and 26,000 adjectives - although most without definitions).